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The Diminishing Road...
The front door remained closed.
It smelled of dust and disuse.
    We knew this was to be expected.
    We were not surprised.
She vanquished him, just as she had vanquished their fathers,
Her upright torso motionless as that of an idol.
We would see her at a window, for a moment,
Sibilant and Macabre...
                and Perverse...
Too virulent, too furious, to die...
    We knew this was to be expected.
    We were not surprised.
Craned silk behind jalousies closed to the sun...
That faint, invisible dust, dry and acrid...
    We knew this was to be expected.
    We were not surprised.
Her front door remained closed,
A sort of respectful attention, for a fallen monument...
We would s
:iconrustedcutlass717:RustedCutlass717 0 0
The Moimar
Years ago, a Tempus scholar walked.
Along the trails of Time she'd trot,
    Wistful and oddly unforgotten.
Along the path she saw a castle,
    It's windows shattered and glassless.
Along the trail she found it's gate,
    The twisted metal piked and reddened.
Along the road she found a tree,
     Marked pink with shrouds and cowls.
Within the Shrouded Ruin's cloak, existed the shadow of it's former self.
Along the trails of Time it stood,
    A monument to former sins.
Along the path that castle stood,
    Forever beneath a misty cloak.
Along the trail it's ruined gate stood,
    'Twas the passage that none had entered.
Along the road that ruin stood,
    Sat the one and only witness.
Curiosity drove that scholar onwards, towards that pink cloud of sin.
Along the trails on it's grounds she'd trot,
    The mists swirling and unforgiven.
Along the paths she saw the Spire,
    The sp
:iconrustedcutlass717:RustedCutlass717 1 0
Walking the Cursed Path...
            The day was bright, as usual, yet the stormclouds were ever present in her mind, fractured by the harsh sun of a sudden reality. The Element that made her who she was, the glowing golden amulet that she wore with honor every day, no longer shone. It knew, just as she had always known, that she was not truly worthy of it's power. It had called to her, accepted her as it's guardian, but it knew now that she unknowingly held deep pretense. The selfishness she had fought for so long had finally claimed her, as soon as her mark was ripped from her. That brief period of 'equality' had revealed to the Element that her selfishness was stronger then the generosity it sought from her. The final nail was stuck when her mark was returned. It melded back with her, but it felt.... different, as if it changed. She realized then that she had changed, that the corruption of selfishness had spread when the mark's protection was finally gone. The
:iconrustedcutlass717:RustedCutlass717 0 0
Flooded Vigilants
Watching, waiting....
Forever silent within the darkness.
Sealed, enslaved...
Malnourished, dormant as the mountains.
Feared, esteemed...
Predators to all who stand sentient.
Ancient, unforeseen...
The forthcoming flood to consume all.
Escaped, revitalized...
Soon, their triumph shall prevail.
:iconrustedcutlass717:RustedCutlass717 1 1
A Dream Of Hope...
Solitude, my refuge, my cage,
Our worst fears, or our deepest desires.
Through the fires of war, or the thin threads of peace,
A dream shall provide the glimpse.
A vision of victory, or of death and defeat.
It is your curse, and it is my blessing.
Or... Is it your blessing, and is it my curse?
If, when once, through my treachary, it would have been necessary to make a choice, I would take the curse.
Through my burden, others shall prosper!
Through my suffering, lives shall be saved!
A dream to hold dear, like a knight to ride forth.
Until the sun and moon unite, I shall fight!
I shall use our willingness to banish our hate.
If the stars command, I shall halt,
A power to unite many under one banner...
It is good that we do not have to kill the moon, the sun, or the stars, but if I have to, I shall!
Through my own ravanged mind I would trot,
Thinking, because it is all I would have left.
Through my hope grows desire to right this world.
:iconrustedcutlass717:RustedCutlass717 1 2
Fallen Realities
The endless, ebony sky gleamed overhead....
The dark metal stared dully back....
The scarlet stains grew agonizingly bigger....
The crackling waters lapped hungrily higher....
The snarls and growls grew ever nearer....
The somber silence penetrated the ruined perfection....
The smoky air grew forever denser....
The explosions in the distance sliced through reality....
The varied gunshots gained intensity....
Was this really normality? Was she insane? Or maybe....
This was a land of waste,
Of broken souls,
Of infinite dangers,

:iconrustedcutlass717:RustedCutlass717 0 0
The Kig-Yar's Sanctum
Killers, stalking through the sun.
Infantry, marching guns in hand.
Guards, defending friends & allies.
Yearning for knowledge.
Arise, in rebellion.
Repressed by lies.
As by light, the darkness descends, encouraged by the Prophets above......
As by darkness, the light ascends, the heralding tides of revolution......
:iconrustedcutlass717:RustedCutlass717 1 1
The Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea
    Sometimes, I dream about swimming in the ocean, carefree and joyful.... until I hear something calling my name from deep below. Try as I might, night after night, I never discover what it is. I either drown before I wake or I wake before I drown..... It is a lasting reminder of life and it's innumerable, deathly, constant mysteries. I wish to probe these enigmas deeper, to delve into the depths of the mind and take these challenges headfirst, to swim to the bottom of the deep, blue sea.
:iconrustedcutlass717:RustedCutlass717 0 1
Blood on the Rain by RustedCutlass717 Blood on the Rain :iconrustedcutlass717:RustedCutlass717 0 1 The Dreamstalker by RustedCutlass717 The Dreamstalker :iconrustedcutlass717:RustedCutlass717 0 0 Squiggles 2013-2014 by RustedCutlass717 Squiggles 2013-2014 :iconrustedcutlass717:RustedCutlass717 2 1
Between the Unforgotten...
As shown from the sky,
As seen in the dark,
As one with my lie,
As bright as a spark.
The Temporal day,
The Spacious night,
I keep them at bay,
I've seen their fright.
Lost and alone,
Living, but forgotten,
A shadowed zone,
A nice home, now forgotten.
Between Life & Death,
Between Day & Night,
I shall be there,
For I am the Unforgotten!
:iconrustedcutlass717:RustedCutlass717 0 1
A Storm's Memorial
Savor the memories.
To succeed in life, look forward, not back.
Overconfidence is everyone's enemy.
Remember the light, forget the dark.
Make the world a better place.
:iconrustedcutlass717:RustedCutlass717 0 1
Fathoms of Society
If I dream, I'm sure to wake.....
But if I don't, then leave me to my fate.
A dark cowl clouds the mind.....
A sense that's troubled many a kind.....
The way we watch, wait, and listen.....
Is how they'd walk, bait, and glisten.
The pieces fall apart,
One by One.....
Waiting for the ones without a heart,
One by one by one.....
The darkness ascends,
The wire descends,
Just like how the roots that hold us shall end.....
:iconrustedcutlass717:RustedCutlass717 0 1


The Great Civil War
I declared war on my self one day,
And it hasn't ceased since.
I was born to fight
Against a Monster far greater than I
Could ever understand.
The city hemorrhages from the inside
As the world averts its eyes.
It's alright; they are my own scars.
Who else can taste the bitterness
Of my chains; of my lashes;
Of my imprisonment; of my anguish;
Of my own crown of thorns?
Despite it all, there will be a day
When the gnashing of teeth will end,
And the Dark shall flee with fear.
One day I will stand in triumph
With the other victorious soldiers
Amongst the ashes in the Sun.
:icondoogsieip:Doogsieip 25 24
Not so Great and Powerful
It had been a long day, but at last, Twilight could relax. Equestria's latest Princess, although ascended to alicorn, had still tried her best to keep hold of many of the things that she'd loved about her past life. And above all else, was her love of books. So, with all of her daily duties and chores done, she'd retreated to her private study area in the Ponyville library, which had been her home for many happy years now. But, for as long as she'd lived here, she had still never managed to read every single book, so there wes always something new for her to learn.
One such tome now lay open before her on her writing desk. A history on Ponyville's founding by the Apple clan. Being friends with that family, Twilight was eager to get stuck into it. Her read through the first few pages though was interrupted by a sounds from behind her. Although annoyed at first, she smiled once she turned and saw that it was just Spike, sleeping soundly in his small bed. Smiling, she shook her head at th
:iconthejboy88:Thejboy88 19 32
Drowning. by Magggggg Drowning. :iconmagggggg:Magggggg 253 41
When the water poured in,
racing down my throat,
filling my lungs in one great release.
Raindrops blinded me as I sunk
lower than I had ever before.
My feet touched the bottom as
bubbles floated around my head in
a crown of despair.
Despair lingered in silent forms,
reminding me just how alone I was.
You were my beacon of light.
I swam for you, uncaring that
broken memories weighed me down.
I clung to you in the middle of the ocean.
Breathing in the sweet air that you
provided for me. Letting your very
life enter my lungs and remove me
from this watery place.
:iconxadian:xAdian 32 13
I’m drowning.
I’m not drowning in water. I’m drowning in the taunts and torments of my inner demon. My mind, my very refuge, no longer belongs to me. But no one notices. I just put on a fake smile and pretend to listen or watch or whatever it is they want me to do this time. Everyone thinks I’m just fine. Maybe a little strange, but fine.
I’m sick.
Innocence is something I barely remember. I’m not normal, I’m not okay. And no one can tell. Don’t they ever see me leaving? Day in and day out, I’ve been able to leave at any hour, and return at any hour. But nobody asks me where I was or what I was doing. I could just walk out and never return, just throw myself off some goddamn skyscraper – and I don’t think that they’ll ever notice, until someone finds my cold, bloody body and tells them, "Hey did you know about that freak? He kicked the bucket." Yeah, I can already hear it.
I’m dead.
Maybe I look fine on the outsi
:iconleviathandemon:LeviathanDemon 61 43
To Create a Character
Are you starting a story? Do you have an incomplete, flawed, or no character at all? It's happened to me many times and in my struggles to perfect my creations, I have learned a few things. I present you with seven easy steps with a challenge each to get you thinking.
Grab a piece of paper and a pencil. Let's start…
Step 1: Past
When creating a character, you must first establish a past. Even a person with amnesia has a past, they just don't remember it. Pasts are important, they show what shaped the person and why they are the way they are today.
If your character has a scar, why? If they have amnesia, why? If they have a phobia of water, why?
Remember one thing: there is always a reason.
Challenge: Write a brief story (vignette) of your character's past to familiarize yourself with the way things were.
Step 2: Appearance
You may have a certain idea, a vague idea, or no idea at all as to how your character will look. First, think of their
:iconwarriorloverinc:WarriorLoverInc 1,179 231
White Talon by Sitaart White Talon :iconsitaart:Sitaart 20 0 Druid Griffon by Sitaart Druid Griffon :iconsitaart:Sitaart 13 2
Not yet.
The clocks were silent, and the day was almost over. Not quite, however. Not yet.
There was a faint noise of the hooves on the ground, the sky was dark and the pegasi had scheduled rain for the evening. Everypony was trotting back home from their jobs, schools, and their daily adventures. Not everyone though. Not yet.
Somewhere in the crowd, a light purple cloaked figure hastily moved through the bystanders, mumbling "excuse me" or "sorry" however faintly spoken, under breath in hushed tones. The cloaked figure made their way to the front of the crowd, trotting quickly toward the outskirts of town. They fell a couple of times, a couple more after that.
In the horizon, an old painted circus tent, with those classic red and white stripes and that musty smell, pleasantly nostalgic like an old memory. The pony in front of the entrance was the Ring Master. He waved at the cloaked figure as they approach. Everypony is in the tent before the rain starts to pour. Well, not everypony, only the
:icondear-cotton-candy:Dear-Cotton-Candy 65 66
MLP:FIM armour: Crystal Imperial Guard by tod309 MLP:FIM armour: Crystal Imperial Guard :icontod309:tod309 40 4 MLP:FIM themed Daggers by tod309 MLP:FIM themed Daggers :icontod309:tod309 69 7 Mane 6 archery sets by tod309 Mane 6 archery sets :icontod309:tod309 187 14 MLP:FIM armour: AppleJack by tod309 MLP:FIM armour: AppleJack :icontod309:tod309 60 6 MLP:FIM armour: Princess Celestia by tod309 MLP:FIM armour: Princess Celestia :icontod309:tod309 68 7 MLP:FIM armour: Queen Chrysalis by tod309 MLP:FIM armour: Queen Chrysalis :icontod309:tod309 59 9




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